Pricing & Revenue Management for Hospitality

Make a reservation for higher sales and higher profits — by understanding and responding to consumers’ price sensitivities

How can Pricing and Revenue Management for Hospitality help my business?

In today’s environment of increasing price transparency, it’s become more challenging to attract consumers and fill rooms. But filling every room might not be the best way to maximize profits anyway. JDA Pricing and Revenue Management for Hospitality reveals all the complex factors involved in profitability. Its advanced forecasting and optimization engine considers market demand, capacity, current bookings and competitor rates — enabling you to set prices that satisfy both consumers and shareholders.


  • Analysis of consumer price sensitivity and competitive data
  • Advanced demand-forecasting engine that considers current and historical bookings, local events and promotions
  • Profit-driven price recommendations for each stay-night
  • On-demand intra-day re-optimization


  • Increased revenues and margins
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Enterprise-wide visibility

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