Allocation & Replenishment

Execute Assortments with Current Local Demand

Accurate product placement is critical to meet the localized customer demand. Merchandisers must consider various channels, individual stores and the product attributes to meet diverse customer demand and business goals. Allocation recommends the right merchandise distribution down to size so retailers can optimize inventory, reduce waste and avoid unnecessary markdowns. With Blue Yonder’s allocation you can match your product placement to leverage merchant intent, automate distributions and replenishment to increase productivity, and work seamlessly with other retail planning solutions to maximize margins.


Up to


reduction in inventory
Up to


improvement in productivity
Up to


increase in allocation accuracy

Allocation & Replenishment

Make distribution decisions that align with the merchant strategy and localized demand to achieve (visual standards), maximize revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Reduce the need to manually perform day-to-day distributions, freeing up resources to focus on strategic decisions.

Configure methodologies for investment optimization leveraging AI/ML with variable business strategies throughout the products lifecycle.

Ingest hundreds of demand-driving variables and use machine learning to provide a unique demand projection with calculated business impact and risk.

Stage the right inventory throughout your distribution network, minimizing stock-outs, while maximizing inventory turns in your supply chain.

Fulfill Your Inventory Potential with Blue Yonder

Increased allocation accuracy

Leverage AI & ML to drill down to a granular level of detail to make accurate, data-driven decisions during the planning process.

Maximize profitability

Translate AI-driven customer insights into strategic inventory movements and replenishments that reduce overall safety stock across the organization.

Improved customer satisfaction

Make distribution decisions that align with merchant strategy and localized demand, leading to profitable inventory placement decisions and higher customer satisfaction.

Automated exception-based allocation procedures

Reduce the need to manually make changes, saving resources, freeing up decision-makers to focus on other tasks and keeping you ahead of the game.

Improved productivity

Through effective inventory plan execution, your organization will have the ability to conduct and manage complex allocation and replenishment in less time.

Improved customer satisfaction

Make distribution decisions that align with merchant strategy and localized demand, leading to profitable inventory placement decisions and higher customer satisfaction.

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