Von der Planung bis zur Bereitstellung führen unsere wegweisenden Lösungen Ihren Betrieb einen Schritt weiter.

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How JDA Solutions Can Help Your Business How JDA Solutions Can Help Your Business

Die technologieaffinen Verbraucher von heute gestalten das Einkaufserlebnis völlig anders als bisher, und das zu einem Zeitpunkt, an dem die Lieferketten so komplex und dynamisch sind wie nie zuvor. Die Fähigkeit zur effektiven und rentablen Planung, Beschaffung, Herstellung und Lieferung von Produkten an Kunden unterscheidet in dieser unbeständigen Marktumgebung die Branchenführer von den Nachzüglern. Und genau an diesem Punkt kann JDA Sie unterstützen.

Unsere End-to-End-Technologie zur Planung und Umsetzung von Handel und Lieferketten ist auf die Komplexität des heutigen, verbraucherorientierten Marktes ausgelegt. Von der Planung bis zur Lieferung unterstützen unsere revolutionären, cloudbasierten Lösungen Ihr Unternehmen bei der Kostensenkung, Rentabilitätssteigerung und Verbesserung der Zusammenarbeit, damit Sie die Versprechen an Ihre Kunden jederzeit einhalten können.

Luminate AI/ML

In today's supply chains, customer demand can change in an instant due to trends, global events, weather, moves by the competition and more. To be successful, new solutions that run on a cognitive, real-time and connected platform are required. The path forward begins with next-generation solutions that can turn real-time data and insights into fast, profitable business decisions. With JDA Luminate, you can now harness the power of the cloud and cutting-edge innovation – such as SaaS, IoT, AI, advanced analytics and cross-platform integration – to drive smarter, more agile supply chain transformations for greater results.

Category Management

One plan does not fit all, but how does a retailer scale operations to produce optimal assortment and space plans for every selling location? The JDA Category Management SaaS solutions help retailers and their collaborating vendors achieve scale and customer-centricity to progress and achieve category sales goals. Combining sales history, market data, consumer insights, and automation, retailers and manufacturers deliver effective plans that maximize revenue and margin while creating satisfying shopping experiences.

Supply Chain Planning

Tightly coordinating global resources, materials, and assets in real-time to optimize the delivery of goods and services to your customers is the ultimate balancing act. JDA’s Supply Chain Planning can help you profitably address this supply chain complexity with our industry-leading capabilities for demand and fulfillment, inventory optimization, network optimization, order promising, factory planning and sequencing, and sales and operations planning.

Supply Chain Execution

With the need for innovation constantly accelerating, manufacturers, retailers and third-party logistics companies must leverage the latest technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotics for faster, more informed cross-enterprise decision-making. This requires hyper-connected solutions that integrate warehousing, labor and transportation into a seamless information and execution platform. JDA’s SaaS-based Supply Chain Execution solutions provide the foundation to this platform - reducing inventory levels and costs, improving customer service, enhancing decision-making and providing more agile, profitable and responsive operations. With JDA, solving your inventory planning, replenishment, transportation, warehouse operation and order fulfillment challenges has never been easier.

Retail Planning

In today’s environment, retailers are faced with growing competition across channels. Merchandisers perform large amounts of manual, repetitive tasks without an understanding of history at a granular level which can identify missed business opportunities. A critical component is being able to understand the internal and external factors that influence customer demand. JDA’s Retail Planning suite of SaaS solutions aligns merchandise financial planning, assortment, allocation and pricing with AI/ML forecasts so that retailers can meet their financial goals and have better insight into their business on a store by store basis increasing profitability.

Store Operations

Changing customer preferences, new competitors, and growing sustainability needs are changing all aspects of store execution.  In particular, this has a direct impact on restaurants and convenience stores.  Store managers have to deal with the realities of increased demand for fresh and prepared food items while also making sure they are reducing waste. JDA Store Operations is designed to intelligently forecast customer demand throughout the day to help restaurants and C-stores maximize availability, optimize their inventory, and support sustainability efforts by reducing waste.  It is an easy to use, mobile friendly, SaaS platform that can be rapidly adopted to address these challenges.

Workforce Management

Today’s workforce marketplace is more competitive than ever. Historically low unemployment rates and workforce shortages mean organizations must optimize their workforce to increase productivity and must focus on retaining and recruiting employees. To address these challenges, organizations must have accurate forecasting and scheduling so they can align labor when and where it is needed. JDA’s Workforce Management SaaS-based solutions provide employees flexible scheduling options that keep employees engaged and labor management that maximizes productivity and utilization while decreasing labor expenses. 

Merchandise Operations

The role of retailer changes from day to day and is faster paced than ever. From expanding into new markets to increasing e-commerce, opening stores, and keeping customers happy, they must act at lightning speed to stay competitive. To maintain an edge, retailers must focus on upgrading their technology and data to stay responsive and agile. Our Merchandise Operations solutions provide the foundation for accurate, synchronized data with real-time inventory updates and secure transactions. With visibility and flexibility, our solutions support growth and control inventory costs throughout the most complex retail environments.

Service Industry Solutions

When you’re dealing with perishable inventory — like seats on trains, hotel rooms, hold capacity or advertising space — you need to get the price exactly right, every time. Your offers must be low enough to attract customers, but high enough to drive profitability. JDA's Pricing and Revenue Management's advanced forecasting and optimization algorithms, plus data analysis, help companies in the hospitality, travel, transportation and media industries make the sale profitable. You’ll understand exactly what customers are looking for and deliver it reliably, increasing your market share and brand strength.

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