Blue Yonder's Code of Conduct

At Blue Yonder we work relentlessly to seek results for our customers, but that does not mean we ever compromise our values or fail to follow the rules. Our Code of Conduct (our “Code”) is an important tool for us to use in completing our mission ethically and in compliance with our policies and the law. Our Code applies to us all, therefore we all must take the time to review the important information that is contained here. It helps us identify issues, take proper courses of action, and provide guidance and resources on many dilemmas we may face.

Code of Conduct Documents

Our Code of Conduct is available in two formats, a Printable format and an Interactive format. The Printable format is our PDF version of our Code. The Interactive format is a comprehensive, interactive document which allows associates to access it from anywhere, on any device.

Third Party Code of Conduct Documents

Our Third Party Code of Conduct explains the minimum standards of integrity and business conduct Blue Yonder expects of the Third Parties with which it does business. We use these expectations as a foundation in how we approach Blue Yonder’s sourcing decisions, how we evaluate partner performance, and how we grow our business. We believe that partnerships based on transparency, collaboration and mutual respect are essential for our shared success.

Code of Conduct Principles

This is a summary version of Code Of Conduct. It condenses the sections of our Code of Conduct into short statements that are at the core of our code.